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Short-Term Disability and Qualifying Health Conditions

pregnancy often qualifies for short-term disability

Typically, a policy’s legal language states that you’re unable to perform all the “material and substantial duties” of your normal job, you’re not employed or involved in any other job or occupation for profit or salary, and you’re being treated by a physician. Additionally, your policy may have rules about whether or not a pre-existing condition is covered, you’ve been out of work the appropriate amount of time, and you meet the policy’s definition of disability.

Conditions That Qualify for Short-Term Disability

Once you’ve satisfied the requirements outlined in the policy, you need to understand if you suffer from an eligible medical condition. Each individual insurer specifies the medical conditions it covers, so it’s important to read your policy closely. The primary health issues cited for most short-term disability claims are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Injury
  • Joint problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Cancer

Many short-term disability policies exclude certain conditions, including mental illness, addiction, and alcoholism. Additionally, cosmetic surgery is usually excluded, as well.

Eligibility Requirements

If you live in a state that provides for short-term disability, some general requirements apply, including:

  • You must have worked at least 30 days to six months before you’re eligible for benefits—depending on the state.
  • You must meet the minimum earning requirements in some states.
  • You must wait one week before benefits are paid out. You receive them on the eighth day after you’re temporarily disabled.
  • Your medical condition must be non-work related.
  • You will receive benefits for no more than 26-30 weeks—except in California, where the maximum is 52 weeks.
  • You will receive benefits of approximately 60% of your wages.
  • You must submit medical records or have a medical exam to prove your disability.

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