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Personal Injury Cases What You Need to Know

After you’ve sustained an injury from an accident, it can be unsettling to decide what the next step is. Do I sue? How do I even begin that process? Why would I file a claim? Those can be just a few questions you might have. I’m going to break down what the next steps should be!

The majority of personal injury claims are for the following:

  • Auto accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product injury
  • Injury sustained from slipping and falling

Arkansas is considered an “at-fault” state in regard to accidents and liability. So, pertaining to your personal injury case – this means if the defendant is found at fault, they or their insurance company are responsible for paying the damages from the accident. A personal injury claim allows you to enforce your rights by seeking damages or losses for the injury sustained in the accident. The statute of limitations, which is the time frame you have following the accident to file your lawsuit, is usually threeyears in the state of Arkansas.

There are very important measures that you can take immediately after the accident to help provide the most accurate information if and when you decide to file your claim!

Documentation is vital to the success of your claim.

Take photos, visit a doctor, and write down exactly what happened while it is still at the forefront of your mind. Make a list of all witnesses you can remember, and their contact information if you have it. Make note of any evidence from the accident that you can think of. Next is where I come in. Give me a call and follow any additional instructions that I may give regarding documentation of the accident.

There are some instances where you may have already entered the claim process yourself prior to getting an attorney. This process can be stressful and expensive. Insurance companies can sometimes try to be a nuisance instead of helpful. Just remember – insurance companies do not have to be honest with you when trying to negotiate your claim. Because helping injured victims is the focus of our firm, we know the methods used by insurance companies to minimize the claims of injured victims. This is something I will combat to get you the best settlement possible. So even if you have already started the claim process, you can still ask us for help!

The majority of personal injury cases do not end up going to trial. Usually, there is a settlement prior to the trial date that has been set. However, cases that do go to trial are typically because there is a dispute in the facts or a contested legal matter that the court will have to decide on. That is why it is so important that you document the accident as soon as it happens. This will allow us to have the most accurate picture of what happened and to evaluate the facts with the law.

Now it’s time to talk about the purpose behind the claim – compensation.

For a personal injury claim, compensation can range from small amounts to thousands of dollars. To determine what is fair, injuries sustained from the accident have to be evaluated. I will assess all of the categories of damages that apply to your case and make sure there is sufficient evidence for each category of loss you are claiming. I will fight to make sure you receive the best compensation possible. Since we are very selective in the cases we take, we are able to devote the time and effort necessary to prepare your caseso that you have a successful result.

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