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Short-Term Disability and Qualifying Health Conditions

Typically, a policy’s legal language states that you’re unable to perform all the “material and substantial duties” of your normal job, you’re not employed or involved in any other job or occupation for profit or salary, and you’re being treated by a physician. Additionally, your policy may have rules about

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How to Win Your LTD Appeal

If you’ve developed a medical condition that has made it impossible for you to work, you’ve likely filed for long-term disability (LTD) either through your employer’s policy or one you purchased on your own. However, it’s possible that your claim was denied. Approximately two-thirds of all initial LTD claims are

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3 Myths About Filing for SSD Benefits

When you’ve been injured or suffer a disabling medical condition that makes it impossible for you to work, you may need Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits to help you through a financially difficult time. Applying for disability can be complicated and frustrating—especially when you have inaccurate information. It’s important to

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Why a Life Insurance Company May Deny Your Claim

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy, but it’s especially hard when you learn that an insurer has denied your life insurance claim. While many companies pay on their policies in good faith, hundreds of millions of dollars are withheld from policyholders each year. When people

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How UIM Coverage Can Help in the Event of a School Bus Crash

It’s that time of year again. Summer is over-although you can’t tell by the weather. Each year, it seems like summer gets shorter and busier. Gearing up for you may mean a lot of late nights doing homework and an increase in traveling to games and other school-related functions. As

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River Valley & Ozark Edition Good Life Expo 2019

WOW! What an amazing turnout. More than 1,000 people showed up at the River Valley & Ozark Edition Good Life Expo. It was held at the Conway Regional Health and Fitness Center on August 9, 2019. A big thank you goes out to everyone who made the Good Life Expo

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Personal Injury Cases What You Need to Know

After you’ve sustained an injury from an accident, it can be unsettling to decide what the next step is. Do I sue? How do I even begin that process? Why would I file a claim? Those can be just a few questions you might have. I’m going to break down

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July 2019 Newsletter

Smarter Marketing, Better Results Over the past year, several small-business owners have asked me the same question about marketing: “What should I do first?” Here at Marcus Vaden Law, our unique experience and years of research have given us a pretty good grasp on where to begin and how to

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3 Ways to Protect Yourself After an Accident

Handling a serious injury case on your own can be as dangerous as performing surgery on yourself without a doctor…It’s a bad idea! I recently settled a case for a really great client. At the time, he was a young college student with a bright future ahead. He was traveling down

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