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July 2019 Newsletter

Smarter Marketing, Better Results Over the past year, several small-business owners have asked me the same question about marketing: “What should I do first?” Here at Marcus Vaden Law, our unique experience and years of research have given us a pretty good grasp on where to begin and how to

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3 Ways to Protect Yourself After an Accident

Handling a serious injury case on your own can be as dangerous as performing surgery on yourself without a doctor…It’s a bad idea! I recently settled a case for a really great client. At the time, he was a young college student with a bright future ahead. He was traveling down

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Reflections on 3 Decades in Law

Growing up in the South, I know what it means to be a man of my word and just how much that word can mean to the people in your life. I like to think that I’ve taken that mentality of trust and honor and put it into everything I do,

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