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$117,655 in SSDI Benefits for a Disabled Veteran

Marcus Vaden Law recently secured a significant victory for a disabled veteran, who had been unjustly denied SSDI benefits. Despite leaving the military with a 100% disability rating after sustaining injuries, our client found himself fighting another battle on home soil. His transition to civilian life was marked by an initial ability to work, which was unfortunately cut short due to the severe impacts of his injuries and the side effects of his medications, including debilitating brain fog. His employment termination led to a substantial decrease in income, prompting him to apply for social security benefits.

Our client’s journey to secure SSDI benefits was fraught with challenges, characterized by multiple denials that are indicative of a broader trend of higher denial rates for veterans compared to the general population. Initially approved for benefits without back pay, our client faced a significant financial shortfall that did not reflect his service and sacrifice.

Recognizing the injustice of our client’s situation, Marcus Vaden Law took up the case, appealing the decision and representing him in court. The firm’s expertise and dedication were instrumental in changing the course of the case. During the hearing, the judge approved our client’s benefits, acknowledging the need for a correction in the onset date of his disability.

This correction was more than a procedural victory; it represented a financial lifeline for our client. Thanks to the appeal, he was awarded an additional $23,977 in interim benefits while awaiting his hearing, with total benefits from February 2021 to February 2024 amounting to $117,655. Moving forward, our client will receive $3,487 per month, a sum that will slightly increase each year, providing him with the financial stability he deserves.

Marcus Vaden Law’s successful appeal for our client underscores the firm’s commitment to advocating for those who have served our country. This case highlights the critical importance of legal expertise in navigating the complexities of social security disability appeals, especially for veterans who face disproportionate denial rates. For veterans and individuals facing similar challenges, Marcus Vaden Law stands ready to fight for the benefits and recognition they rightfully deserve.

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